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One of the things I love about thrifting is how you sometimes come across exactly the thing you want, often several times! When we wanted a booster seat for the Bean so she could sit up to the big table, my parents found one for us. It was a clever travel one, which I’d not seen before. A few weeks later they found the exact same one for their house. Since these were fabric they weren’t really idea for every day use, so the following week they found a plastic one for us, followed by another, almost identical, a couple of weeks later.

This could be explained by the fact that we hadn’t been looking  for one previously so hadn’t noticed them but this happens time and time again – a musical book that the Bean liked at my parent’s house…I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to get another…I saw three in the next two weeks (a very well spent 10p!). My sister thought this could be because the toy was made, like three years ago and all the kids had grown out of them…hence being up for sale. Possibly. (Probably). I like to think of it as thrifting magic. : )

So, booster seats and musical toys are both fairly modern things, so perhaps not that unexpected to find. However, when I was browsing on ebay (never a good idea), I came across (who knows how?) a Meakin coffee pot. Whilst i’ve no use for a coffee pot, I love love loved the flower design, so much so that I saved the picture, thinking I might try and encorporate the design in a quilt or something…

On Saturday I went to a car boot sale I’d not been to previously. On one stall were these…


Six small bowls and one large one (a dessert set?). In the exact. same. pattern. These are so distinctive that I would always have spotted these – but to do so about a week after I saw the coffee pot…thrifting magic! Since I knew that these would have the Meakin backstamp before I even looked at them, I was a bit hesitant to ask about the price…my message to you…ALWAYS ASK THE PRICE! If it’s £20 you can walk away…if it’s £1 as these were, you can walk away happy! Happy happy happy!


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…so basically a week in a post! Not sure how this week went by so quickly – I guess the this post may give me some clues… :)

Toddler Tuesday

Last Wednesday we went to lunch with my mother in law, she’d made a delicious quiche and kept some pastry for the Bean to play with.

I’d not introduced the Bean to play-doh yet as I wasn’t sure how much of it she’d eat. Yes, it’s non-toxic but even so…


However, she played brilliantly (only nibbling a teeny bit…) and spent ages rolling it out time and time again and making ‘pattens pattens’ with any of the cookie cutters which didn’t happen to be doubling as bracelets at the time.


Apparently it was all quite funny!

The quiche was amazing too!

Work In Progress Wednesday

I’ve mentioned before that I like to try and make as many of my Christmas gifts as possible, but always end up finishing them in a panicky rush on Christmas eve…so, I’ve decided this year will be different (yeah, right!) and have started my Christmas gift list already and have made a start with two* cute knitted pigs from Knitted Toy Tales by Laura Long.

(I may have mentioned before that I was lucky enough to be given lots of craft books for Christmas and my Birthday, which I will, one day, get around to sharing and reviewing here. The reason for the delay is that you’ll all want to buy the books for yourself, so by then they’ll be on sale…so really I’m being thoughtful by taking so long about it…).


It’s a really quick pattern to knit as the head and body are knit in one, just adding the ears and feet. The body is only about 60 rows and the shaping is very simple. Over a couple of evenings I’ve almost knit enough for the two pigs, I just need to finish half a body. The knitting is the easy bit I feel…I hate the sewing up. That’s the time I’ll really mess it up and make a lovely knitted toy look mean…many’s the time I’ll sew up a (potentially) cute toy and see it turn to the dark side with just a few (un)carefully placed embroidery stitches…ugh…wish me luck…


*I was explaining to the Bean that I was knitting a little piggy toy for one of my friends ‘and Issey’. she adds. ‘Oh, do you think Issey would like one too Bean?’, ‘Yes…and Mummy’, ‘Well, I’ll knit one for Issey’, ‘and Mummy’…so it may end up being three. I’ll have to practise looking surprised on Christmas day. :)

Thrifty Thursday

Just a quick one this week – I’ve been looking for old toy knitting patterns lately (more opportunities to create accidentally scary toys…) and found these beauties!

Plenty of things to add to the ever growing Christmas list (yeay, just what I need!)

This Moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. Inspired by Soulemama.

Here’s hoping you get a chance to stretch out and relax too this weekend!

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Thrifty Thursday

One of my favourite finds has been a vintage Fisher Price horse. This is by no means in pristine condition, it’s a bit beaten up, scratched and scuffed but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I’d seen one previously for sale on Ebay in America for about $30, (I expect it was in better condition!) and thought it was really cute, so was delighted to find one last year for £5 – the most I’d ever paid for something at a car boot sale.

The Bean adores it – it was worth every penny! Despite all the scrapes and scratches it’s become a favourite toy (horsey!…horsey!) it makes me smile that when the Bean’s friends come over to play, they all seem to gravitate towards it too. It’s dated 1976, so is 34 years old. I love that it’ll be around in another 34.


My stylist for the photoshoot was in charge of arranging her horseys!

She also appointed herself in charge of the camera bag, putting it on the pushchair and taking it and baby for a walk – I love the imagination that goes with loading up the pushchair and setting off for a ‘trip’ (apparently to the beach!).


Gotta love that girl!

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Over the years I have been lucky enough to find some pretty cool things whilst thrifting and this is one of my very, very favourite things. I have been looking for a sewing box like this for ages and the few I have seen have either been really small, really expensive, or both…so I was really excited to find this a few weeks ago for £4!

I Love…


…Love it!

(As a bonus, the cute little handles on top are perfect for tieing together to stop the Bean causing havoc)… 

So, today was Bean’s first trip to the dentist! For the last couple of weeks we have been (rather succesfully) practising ‘say Ahhhh!’ and showing our teeth, the idea being that the dentist might get half a chance to at least see some of the Bean’s teeth, even if a proper examination was a few visits away…or so we thought! Naturally, the ‘Ahhh!’ idea didn’t work at all, however when the Dentist asked her to roar like a lion she thought that was great fun and he even put his gloves and mask on and managed to feel her teeth as well! We couldn’t have been more proud of her and the Bean couldn’t have been more proud of her sticker!

Here she is showing off her sticker (and her teeth!)


We then had lunch on the beach with some friends, there was some awesome improvised sandcastle building (with tupperware and a shoe – you mean you’ve never tried it?)…

and a lot (lot! lot!) of happy splashing!

followed by a first proper ice cream (so it’ll be off to the dentist again soon then…)

(The Bean’s tastebuds have some way to go…she alternated tastes of ice cream with bites of a pasty – hmm!)

The Bean was understandably tired (and sandy) after all this fun…

…but she soon perked up enough to try on a few buoyancy aids, ready for her first canoeing experience on Saturday – she gonna LOVE it!


Here’s hoping you had a great day too!

Incidentally, whilst the Bean was stropping (terrible two’s are looming) about the important issue of not being able to have more than one strawberry before tea(!?!) my dad and I tried some distraction as I said ‘and she made an animal noise for the dentist’…’what animal noise did you make?’…the tears stopped, the Bean walked to her toy box and presented Grandpa (‘Bapa’) with this…


Heavens!..She’s going to be fun to keep up with… :-)

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Due to an under-the-weather little Bean, the second thrilling installment of Thrifty Thursday was a bit postponed…so, since I can’t get the day right, I thought I’d get the season wrong as well and show you a couple of Christmas related finds…


a sweet little German candle holder…followed by…

…six sweet little (possibly German) candle holders.

These are really tiny, probably about an inch high. I found the first one a couple of years back, for 10p and have been looking for others ever since. I wasn’t sure what exactly drew me to them in the first place, until my Mum reminded me that we used to have similar ones at Christmas when I was little. Christmas has always been such a wonderful time for me, full of family traditions, warm fires and happy memories, so I’m especially keen that we capture as much of the magic as we can for the little Bean…she brings us so much joy, she deserves as much back as we can possibly give…

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Hello! Well, this is hopefully the start of a regular (but really, who can tell?!) weekly posting  – Thrifty Thursday!

By thrifting I basically mean second hand – from car boot sales, charity shops, second hand shops – anywhere! Given the choice I often prefer second hand goods. If they are older, they are usually better made and if they are modern, they are usually cheaper (especially true with childrens toys).

I picked up this game a while back, for the grand price of 20p – I love the style and variety of the cards and think I’m going to put them in a frame for the Bean’s room.



(I especially like the shoe!)

I also found a brand new, still tagged and tied with ribbon, Cath Kidston item. I initially thought it was a bib but for 20 pence didn’t look too closely (I just loved the western print). I was pretty pleased to find it was a much more useful flannel! These are still on sale and retail at about £6 new – so I think I got a bargain and the Bean really likes it, declaring it to be ‘prit-tee’!


I like the guy with the lasso best!

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