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We are lucky enough to live, not only in a beautiful part of the world but in a beautiful old cottage. It’s a bit like the Bean, small but perfectly formed (well, a bit more storage space would be good but I guess everyone could do with that), it suits us to the ground. I love that none of the walls are straight and that when you are sat in the garden it feels like you could be anywhere in the world. That said, if I could change something about the house, I would probably make it a bit lighter in some of the rooms, especially the second bedroom which only has a tiny window.

With this in mind, I decided that for my first(!) project on my stained glass course I would make a window which could go in the wall between the second bedroom and the hallway. Thankfully I had gone on the course with my Dad as I think the course instructor would have got rather frustrated with all my squeaks of fear (and triumph!) as I learned how to score and break the glass with bare hands! Dad was able to show me how to make my window at the same time as constructing one of his own. The window was completed without (major) incident and merrily sat at Mum and Dad’s house for about a year. When I learned (to my utter delight!) that I was expecting and that the second bedroom would soon be needed as a nursery, Dad installed the window – which left me the much dreaded task of putting putty in it. Ugh.  

Yup, this was messy

*Sadly this is one of the better photo’s of me…lets just say the camera is not my friend*…(neither, I have to say, is putty).

I think the end result was worth it. : )

The window

As you can see Bean loves how her stained glass window brightens up her room (she’s pretty smart for a near 10 month old).

Bean's room

Still a bit of work to do on the hall side…but that’s a job for another day :)

Still work to do

(Yep, i’m sure you’ve noticed how the Star Trek poster fits perfectly in our built-in-the-1830’s-cottage)

In case you were wondering (how could you not have been?!?), this is Dad’s window, which perfectly suits their 1930’s built home.

Dad's window

(If this alone doesn’t demonstrate the difference in our skill levels, Dad had to fit his window to a specific space, whereas I just guessed roughly and Dad cut the hole to the right size…simples)


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Well hello there! I thought since this was a craft blog, it would be a good idea to post some more crafty pictures! I love trying out different crafts (with wildly varying degrees of success) and one of the ones that I enjoyed the most is Stained Glass (well, technically ‘Leaded Lights’ but no one seems to know what that is). A couple of years ago my Dad and I learned it at an evening class (well, I learned it – Dad knew most of it already). I haven’t been able to do much since, as I didn’t want to use lead whilst pregnant and since having the Bean it’s been hard to find the time. Hopefully when she is a bit older I’ll have the time to do it again as it’s really good fun getting to snap glass!

Here’s a close up of one of the framed pictures I made as a gift:

Stained glass  Stained glass 2

and some of the angels I made…

Stained glass angel 2   Stained glass angel

I like the blue angel the best, partly because it was the first one I made and partly because I feel a bit sorry for it. The stripes, whilst decorative, are also necessary as after I copper foiled the glass I managed to drop it so I had to do a bit of first aid and apply some bandages. The poor thing still wobbles a bit when you pick it up… Ever the consummate crafts woman…

Anyway, i’m off to make a ‘poorly michael’…that should keep you wondering…(!)

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