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Need I say more?


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The Bean has just given up her morning nap which means we can join some of her friends at a local ‘soft play’ group.

I loved seeing how happy the Bean was before…(check out all those new teeth!)…


(Quick break)

and after…

Dropping the nap went well then… : )

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Sorry for the lack of recent posting – there has been a lot of Bean-Birthday goodness going on this week which has meant not much time for anything else. In the mean time I thought i’d jump on the ’30 days’ bandwagon, not sure if i’m meant to post about something from the current day but I did write this post last week and forgot to publish it (?!!)…

Spending Wednesday before last having a picnic in the park with The Bean.

Picnic 1 Picnic 2

Picnic 3 Picnic 4

Picnic 5

I love that she can choose what food she wants, that she know when she is hungry and thirsty and can let me know. I most especially love how she drinks from her beaker, I don’t know why I especially love this, I think it’s because she is just so proud of herself!


Look out for Birthday goodness coming soon…!

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