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My sister, her husband and their two wonderful children have been visiting on holiday for just over a week – i’ve been spending as much time as possible with them (whether they like it or not) and it’s felt like one wonderful long weekend. I love spending time with them all and the Bean absolutely adores T and P and has been trying to copy them in every possible way!




I know that some people have strong views about the use of reins but I think they can be brilliant when used correctly. I use them with the Bean when we are out and about in a new or dangerous location, or when she was learning to walk (saved many a scraped knee!). They are never used as a substitute for supervision, I simply wrap them around my hand whilst also holding the Bean’s hand. The Bean isn’t bothered by them at all and they are simply used as a backup for if she decides to wriggle her hand out of mine and dart off. She doesn’t reliably stop when I ask her (we are working on it!) and although rarely needed, I value the extra safety measure. The area we had visited in these photos was full of rocks, uneven ground and steep drops so they allowed the Bean and I (and ‘Grampa’, who is trying to hide in this photo) to run, explore and enjoy this new landscape with confidence.


The Bean is a real nature girl and loves spending time outdoors which I am having to readjust to. I used to spend a lot of my time outside when I was a Scout leader – since I gave that up I sort of lost the reason for spending so much time outdoors (I love the outdoors – it just dislikes me…). I’m allergic to quite a lot of it, through hayfever, hives and am found constantly squinting in the sunlight (which is why, in most photographs I look like an angry, confused owl). Watching the Bean discover nature and study leaves, mushrooms, lichen and all sorts of commonplace things, with such wonder and excitement and ‘oooh’s’ is worth any amount of sneezing, itching and ever present squint furrows.

We also attended a ‘Teh-Bear’s Picnic’ with some of the Bean’s friends. We had a brilliant time and second only to splashing in the river, the Bean’s favourite activity was (very gentle) hair twiddling of the little babies! She spends a lot of time twiddling her own hair or the hair of the person she’s currently cuddling…I often tell her that when she was little she had the world’s softest hair…I guess she’s trying out the next best thing!


Also, due to a horrid cold, I forgot to share pics of the Bean’s first canoe trip – so here are some of the latest trip!


Hope you all had great weekends too!


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This moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. Inspired by Soulemama.


Have a great weekend!

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Toddler Tuesday

We spent Sunday morning at the fantastic Homespun fair (more about that another day) and the afternoon playing with water in the garden. We’ve not had the paddling pool out yet this year but I was surprised by the amount of fun we had with a bowl of water and some plastic rakes!


oops! (I love that the Bean knows the picture on the saucepan is a cat, even without ears…it amazes me how brains work – imagine having to teach little ones how to distinguish a cat from a dog…!)

“My hand in there!”

Splashing with plastic rakes…the Bean was surprisingly good at it!

The Bean was choosing whether she wanted a big splash or a little splash…(most were big!)

In case you were wondering, the Bean does start off the day looking neat(ish) and (semi)co-ordinated…but these photos were taken quite late in the day when various bits of clothing have been changed at different times! I hope I remember this when we look back at pictures and I think what was she wearing!?!

Click on the Toddler Tuesday button to visit ‘One Hook Wonder’ for some brilliant ideas!

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One of the things I love about thrifting is how you sometimes come across exactly the thing you want, often several times! When we wanted a booster seat for the Bean so she could sit up to the big table, my parents found one for us. It was a clever travel one, which I’d not seen before. A few weeks later they found the exact same one for their house. Since these were fabric they weren’t really idea for every day use, so the following week they found a plastic one for us, followed by another, almost identical, a couple of weeks later.

This could be explained by the fact that we hadn’t been looking  for one previously so hadn’t noticed them but this happens time and time again – a musical book that the Bean liked at my parent’s house…I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to get another…I saw three in the next two weeks (a very well spent 10p!). My sister thought this could be because the toy was made, like three years ago and all the kids had grown out of them…hence being up for sale. Possibly. (Probably). I like to think of it as thrifting magic. : )

So, booster seats and musical toys are both fairly modern things, so perhaps not that unexpected to find. However, when I was browsing on ebay (never a good idea), I came across (who knows how?) a Meakin coffee pot. Whilst i’ve no use for a coffee pot, I love love loved the flower design, so much so that I saved the picture, thinking I might try and encorporate the design in a quilt or something…

On Saturday I went to a car boot sale I’d not been to previously. On one stall were these…


Six small bowls and one large one (a dessert set?). In the exact. same. pattern. These are so distinctive that I would always have spotted these – but to do so about a week after I saw the coffee pot…thrifting magic! Since I knew that these would have the Meakin backstamp before I even looked at them, I was a bit hesitant to ask about the price…my message to you…ALWAYS ASK THE PRICE! If it’s £20 you can walk away…if it’s £1 as these were, you can walk away happy! Happy happy happy!

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This Moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. Inspired by Soulemama.

Have a great weekend!

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