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…so basically a week in a post! Not sure how this week went by so quickly – I guess the this post may give me some clues… :)

Toddler Tuesday

Last Wednesday we went to lunch with my mother in law, she’d made a delicious quiche and kept some pastry for the Bean to play with.

I’d not introduced the Bean to play-doh yet as I wasn’t sure how much of it she’d eat. Yes, it’s non-toxic but even so…


However, she played brilliantly (only nibbling a teeny bit…) and spent ages rolling it out time and time again and making ‘pattens pattens’ with any of the cookie cutters which didn’t happen to be doubling as bracelets at the time.


Apparently it was all quite funny!

The quiche was amazing too!

Work In Progress Wednesday

I’ve mentioned before that I like to try and make as many of my Christmas gifts as possible, but always end up finishing them in a panicky rush on Christmas eve…so, I’ve decided this year will be different (yeah, right!) and have started my Christmas gift list already and have made a start with two* cute knitted pigs from Knitted Toy Tales by Laura Long.

(I may have mentioned before that I was lucky enough to be given lots of craft books for Christmas and my Birthday, which I will, one day, get around to sharing and reviewing here. The reason for the delay is that you’ll all want to buy the books for yourself, so by then they’ll be on sale…so really I’m being thoughtful by taking so long about it…).


It’s a really quick pattern to knit as the head and body are knit in one, just adding the ears and feet. The body is only about 60 rows and the shaping is very simple. Over a couple of evenings I’ve almost knit enough for the two pigs, I just need to finish half a body. The knitting is the easy bit I feel…I hate the sewing up. That’s the time I’ll really mess it up and make a lovely knitted toy look mean…many’s the time I’ll sew up a (potentially) cute toy and see it turn to the dark side with just a few (un)carefully placed embroidery stitches…ugh…wish me luck…


*I was explaining to the Bean that I was knitting a little piggy toy for one of my friends ‘and Issey’. she adds. ‘Oh, do you think Issey would like one too Bean?’, ‘Yes…and Mummy’, ‘Well, I’ll knit one for Issey’, ‘and Mummy’…so it may end up being three. I’ll have to practise looking surprised on Christmas day. :)

Thrifty Thursday

Just a quick one this week – I’ve been looking for old toy knitting patterns lately (more opportunities to create accidentally scary toys…) and found these beauties!

Plenty of things to add to the ever growing Christmas list (yeay, just what I need!)

This Moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. Inspired by Soulemama.

Here’s hoping you get a chance to stretch out and relax too this weekend!


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This Moment

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. Inspired by Soulemama.

Have a great weekend!

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Thrifty Thursday

One of my favourite finds has been a vintage Fisher Price horse. This is by no means in pristine condition, it’s a bit beaten up, scratched and scuffed but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I’d seen one previously for sale on Ebay in America for about $30, (I expect it was in better condition!) and thought it was really cute, so was delighted to find one last year for £5 – the most I’d ever paid for something at a car boot sale.

The Bean adores it – it was worth every penny! Despite all the scrapes and scratches it’s become a favourite toy (horsey!…horsey!) it makes me smile that when the Bean’s friends come over to play, they all seem to gravitate towards it too. It’s dated 1976, so is 34 years old. I love that it’ll be around in another 34.


My stylist for the photoshoot was in charge of arranging her horseys!

She also appointed herself in charge of the camera bag, putting it on the pushchair and taking it and baby for a walk – I love the imagination that goes with loading up the pushchair and setting off for a ‘trip’ (apparently to the beach!).


Gotta love that girl!

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Toddler Tuesday

Our holiday meant that Toddler Tuesday activities were a bit sparse this week. The Bean did come up with a game of her own though. Recently she’s really liked taking coins out of her money box and posting them through the slot (many, many times) which is great for her co-ordination, concentration and fine motor skills. She’s also been showing a lot of interest in zips, practising where she can.

Imagine her delight when she discovered that Granny’s (‘Danny’s’) purse had not only a magnetic popper! but a zip! – then she found coins! The game consisted of taking the coins out, closing the zip most of the way and then putting the coins back in (and out, and in etc). I love it when she invents her own games and has so much fun playing them!

This did lead to the unfortunate side effect of Molly shouting ‘Money!!!’ whenever she saw her Granny…

I didn’t manage to get any pictures on holiday but got a couple of blurry ones from this evening when Granny popped in…to the delighted squeals of ‘Money! Money!’ (we’ll have to work on that…)     


Take a trip to One Hook Wonder for more Toddler Tuesday inspiration!

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Well, here I am – fresh from a week away on the Welsh coast! I’d hoped to write a post before I went but packing always takes a lot longer than I expect!

We had a fantastic week away – the Bean had just the best time. It’s brilliant now that she is big enough to really do ‘holiday type’ things…we are not very touristy people but sometimes you’ve really got to go for it…

There was a ride on a donkey (much excitement was had by all)

Skipping in the sand

A trip to a (hideously tacky) pier and a ride on the tea-cups (with a reluctant mummy)…

These pictures taken whilst spinning around at high speed further my suspicions that the Bean was born an adventure baby…


As bad as the pier was, the view certainly made up for it (excuse the wonky pictures – I was still giddy from the tea-cups!)

More soon!

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