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I may have mentioned before that I am one of those weird type of people who actually prefer giving gifts than receiving them…I mean I’m not going to turn a gift down if it’s offered (see upcoming posts for my recent birthday goodness!) but if I have to choose between giving or receiving, it would be giving, all day long. It’s purely for selfish reasons you understand, not only does it mean I more often than not, get to make the gift, I also get that lovely smiley happy feeling when you see how much someone (hopefully) likes and appreciates the gift.

With this in mind, have a guess about how long I’ve been smiling due to this reaction over a little gift I sent to a fellow blogger.

Yep, you guessed it, still smiling!


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One of the craft projects I have been working on recently was for a very special birthday for my very special niece – it’s not every day you turn FIVE, you know!

After seeing various posts from crafters such as One Hook Wonder, The Toby Show and Soulemama (plus many more, i’m sure) – I decide to make a Princess and the Pea  playset. I revealed my shocking wood work skills in a previous post, but after a few coats of paint I think the bed turned out okay in the end. Yep, I’ll admit it, it came together pretty well (despite my usual mid-craft-project crisis of confidence – any one else get those?).

Remove the fleecy duvet cover and you reveal the reason for the brackets in the title – a rather chubsy princess!

She’s obviously been eating more than just peas.


I used a piece of blue fleece which I had been trying to think of a way to use up for a long time. It made the perfect filling for the mattresses – I just kept sewing until the fleece was gone, I think I made 16 mattresses in the end.

The pea was my very first needle-felted project (an easy way to start!) and came in its own hastily made drawstring bag (although spares could be made in about 15 seconds!)

I realised, the day before the birthday that I had forgotten to make a bag for the playset. Having a little girl of my own, I now appreciate that a gift with lots of parts to lose is much more appreciated (by the parents) if it comes with its own storage! This bag was made in a panicky hurry, although it turned out surprisingly well since I’d not made a gussetted bag before. I like my crafts to be intuiative (in other words easy – I’m rubbish at following instructions) so instead of following one of the many excellent bag making tutorials, I had a think for about two minutes and then attacked the fabric with pins and scissors. Thankfully it worked and fitted almost perfectly (perhaps a bit tight around the bed). How I’m not sure.

Anyhoo, once the bed had been prized from the bag’s vice-like grip, it seemed to go down quite well with the Birthday girl! (Chubs is sleeping in this pic ;-) ) 

My niece had a fairy party which gave The Bean the perfect opportunity to wear one of her Christmas gifts from my sister.

In retrospect I don’t think it goes well with the trousers…

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Hooray! I have finally managed to clear enough space on the computer hard-drive to download the photos of the last couple of months. I have been spending time doing various crafty things, which I’ll post about over the next couple of weeks. In the mean time, here is what I have been up to over the last couple of days…


…nursing a poorly-sick Little Bean. We are so lucky, even when she is feeling under the weather she doesn’t make a fuss. We’ve spent the last two days snuggled on the sofa, which has been rather wonderful, in many ways. Apart from when she falls asleep in the car, the Bean only tends to fall asleep in her cot, so whilst I’d obviously rather her be well, it has been a joy to see her dozing off to sleep in my arms or next to me and listening to her little snoring (when I say ‘little’ I use that loosely, as I still think she is part Badger Baby with all the enthusiastic snuffling she does).

All this sleeping has meant I have had plenty of time for a bit of knitting. I am trying (forever trying!) to use up some of the wool that I seem to have gathered over the years. I decided to use some soft textured purple chunky wool to make a shawl which I can wear when knitting in the evenings (I am always cold and it’s hard to knit under a blanket!). I cast on 4 stitches and then worked in stocking stitch, increasing at each end of every knit row until I had about 150 stitches (I forget the actual number). I am sharing this pattern as a warning to others – do not follow! Unless, of course, it’s your intention to produce a cape that Quazimodo himself might choose to wear when out on the town. For me, this was just an unexpected side effect. Luckily this was never intended to be anything other than slouch-on-the-sofa attire and it does do the job, but even so…  

Obligatory (if poorly taken) photo of the shawl-in-progress.

The knitting is complete now, I just need to find the perfect button to finish it off and I’ll give that baby a whirl when I start my next knitting project – a cushion with the same wool. We’ll see how Quazimodo likes that…

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