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Need I say more?


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I love that I am creative. I may not be the greatest craftswoman in the world (In fact, I’m fairly sure that I’m not) but I like that I’ll give anything a go. I love that I can combine old shirts and new fabrics to create playmat/quilt for my friend’s beautiful new baby…


I love that with enthusiasm (and a good deal of frustrated swearing) I can turn offcuts of wood into a shockingly shoddily made dolls bed (part of a princess and the pea playset for a certain niece who is about to turn 5)…

Are either of these the reason for the title of this blog?


…The Bean is very fond of my comb and likes carrying it about, ready to comb her or my hair at a moments notice. This morning as I was rushing out of the house I couldn’t find it, no doubt tidied away in her play kitchen (she’s also very fond of tidying, apparently everything lives in her washing machine), I have a spare, somewhere, but thankfully my creative mind sprung into action…it’s surprising effective combing your hair with a fork. Yep. That’s how we roll.

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