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The Bean has just given up her morning nap which means we can join some of her friends at a local ‘soft play’ group.

I loved seeing how happy the Bean was before…(check out all those new teeth!)…


(Quick break)

and after…

Dropping the nap went well then… : )


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There’s been just a simple little bit of crafting going on this week – you can’t get much more straightforward than a simple knitted child’s scarf. I normally prefer the smoother look that stocking stitch produces, but I figured a scarf that narrow would roll up too much (I’m too lazy to block) and that the Bean, who is currently a big fan of squishing things, would prefer the thicker scarf.

It’s such a simple, quick knit – only 20 stitches across in DK wool. I’m using Robin Paintbox wool, which I bought for £1.50 from a recently discovered wool shop in my local town. The picture doesn’t really do it justice, it’s actually a lovely mix of white, raspberry and pink shades. I bought it partly because the Bean seems to be turning into a girly girl (albeit still a rough and tumble one) so the pink will go down well and partly because it reminds me of the beautiful wool used by Nicole over at the brilliant Frontier Dreams and yes, I do know that I am kidding myself in believing that the beautiful hand dyed wool she uses could be replicated in my £1.50 find but hey, that’s as close as it’s going to get.

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Some of my lucky (?) friends and family got lovely handmade goodies for Christmas…here is just some of the crafting goodness that went on…

These cushions were made for a couple of friends. The cushion on the left is of the flag of our county – (thankfully it’s quite a simple flag  – gotta love straight lines!) but my favourite is the bunting cushion on lovely thick cotton sheeting, which gives the cushion a nice crisp, weighty feel. Thanks to a recent discovery of ‘Bondaweb’ this cushion was ridiculously simple to make. I simply cut out a large rectangle for the actual cushion, hemming the ends. I then cut out four triangles from fabric and Bondaweb and ironed them onto the cushion*. I then zig-zag stitched around each triangle to add definition and (hopefully) longevity.  *Before getting angry with the Bondaweb and curse it for not working, check you have first removed the backing paper…and that’s all I have to say about that.


I was really pleased with how this turned out (once ironed). It was a idea that had been floating about in my head for some time (at any one time, a small proportion of my brain is always thinking about bunting), which is always dangerous as if it had turned out badly I’d have been all the more disappointed, but it actually turned out really well. 

I also made some felt Christmas tree decorations in a variety of designs, some decorated with buttons in muted tones, some bright and some ‘vintage’ shirt buttons (i.e. cut off an old shirt destined for the recycling but let’s call it vintage and it sounds so much better).

I also made a little bunny for my niece T. It’s always a bit worrying giving a toy to a child as you have no idea how well it’s going to be recieved – so naturally I was thrilled when she immediately hugged her and said “Oh, I shall call her Ballerina Bunny Love”…erm…okay then, as long as you’re happy…

My favourite part was the little shoe laces (admitedly that’s probably not the technical ballet term).

They looked somewhat different after a night of hugging.

Tsk, I nearly forgot (again). Although not at all related to Christmas crafting, here’s a shot of Poorly Micheal which I made for cheering the Bean up when she gets sick. I’ve shown it to her and she’s pretty much shunned it, however I’m hoping he’ll grow on her, or she’ll never get sick, either suits me fine.    : )


I got the idea from Nicole at One Hook Wonder, who in turn got the idea from the inspirational Molly Chicken blog (I’ll try to find the proper links later). I love the way we have all interpreted the idea in a different way whilst still keeping similar elements.

That’s all for now folks…

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Ugh, okay, so apparently I am quite bad at this regular blogging lark. Ho hum. Well, there’s an advert out promoting healthy living which says ‘Start again in 2010’, which is what I’m going to do (start again I mean, not eat healthily – I love chocolate too much for that…)

So, Christmas was pretty wonderful around here – quite, peaceful and spent with family, exactly as I’d hoped it would be. The Bean ‘helped’ fold out the branches on our (ridiculously small) Christmas tree and then got a little over excited by rugby tackling it and squishing it all up again.  Adding the jingly bells she chose was her favourite part (well, that and playing with ‘jingly bag’ (apparently it’s all about bells this Christmas).


The tree was the perfect size for the knitted decorations I made earlier in the year


and just big enough for my lovely tree topper which I found on sale the year before last (but was too shattered to put decoration up last year) (the Bean was only 7 weeks old at the time).

The Bean loved her dolls cot and crocheted blanket (so much so that she tried to climb into the cot at first sight) and loves tucking teddy up to sleep (then dragging him out by his leg).

The bargain of the decade was the whirly bug ladybird I found at a car boot sale for £3. Yep, £3.

I’ll post some pictures of Christmas crafts soon (hopefully tomorrow but hey…who knows?!) Along with shots (finally) of this little character (can you tell who he is yet?)

Here’s one of the presents Father Christmas brought me (I told you I liked Chocolate…)

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