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Well well, it’s been a while hasn’t it! After the Bean’s birthday we all came down with a horrid cold which we still haven’t entirely shaken. I decided that if I was going to wait until I felt entirely better I’d be posting pictures of the Bean’s second birthday instead.

So, a little later than planned – the Bean had a wonderful  birthday and part of the day was spent at a nearby aquarium. She loved it because she got to fulfil her long held ambition of being able to touch the glass on a fish tank (it’s all she wants to do in the doctor’s waiting room). Seeing her excitement was one of my favourite parts of the entire day.


Proudly clutching her super special birthday mug…


After our special day out, we had a little party in the evening with the Bean’s grandparents. On the Saturday we had family over in the morning and friends in the afternoon (it’s only a small house, hence the split) and on the Bean’s one year and one week birthday (still following…?) we had five of the Bean’s own-age friends over for the afternoon. I’m wondering if 5 birthday events will become the norm? I guess we’ll find out next year…only 11 months to go…

Craft-wise i’ve been quite busy too…after writing, then staring in disbelief at the extensive list of Christmas presents I’m kidding myself I’ll have time to make, I have actually (to my surprise) made a rather sucessful start. Of course I did get distracted by (finally) starting to make a ‘Poorly Micheal’ for the Bean (despite mentioning in one of my first posts that I was off to make him, I only got so far as designing him). He’s come together really quickly and should be finished tomorrow, ready to go in time for any winter coughs and colds. I should have pictures of him (as my WIP), along with some of the other things I’ve been making but for some reason the camera won’t download any photos so you’ll have to wait until I get that one sorted!


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