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Well, the Bean’s birthday party (well, parties!), is over – all cards read and smiled at (apparently cards are very funny) and all presents unwrapped. The Bean only really got into unwrapping gifts on the last two presents but should be ready to go at Christmas. I’m certainly not someone who expects gifts or cares in the least about monetary value but with each gift the Bean received it was so touching to see how much thought people had put into their gifts and how much the Bean is loved. It was a priviledge to spend one of Bean’s special milestones with such good friends who are and will continue to be, so influential in her life. There is also nothing to compare with the feeling at the end of a busy day when the house is quiet, your baby is peacefully sleeping and you’re curled up on the sofa with your husband…even if it is whilst watching Doctor Who.


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Sorry for the lack of recent posting – there has been a lot of Bean-Birthday goodness going on this week which has meant not much time for anything else. In the mean time I thought i’d jump on the ’30 days’ bandwagon, not sure if i’m meant to post about something from the current day but I did write this post last week and forgot to publish it (?!!)…

Spending Wednesday before last having a picnic in the park with The Bean.

Picnic 1 Picnic 2

Picnic 3 Picnic 4

Picnic 5

I love that she can choose what food she wants, that she know when she is hungry and thirsty and can let me know. I most especially love how she drinks from her beaker, I don’t know why I especially love this, I think it’s because she is just so proud of herself!


Look out for Birthday goodness coming soon…!

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Busy Bean

The Bean has learnt a new skill today. Oh dear.

(I love that little hand!)

New skill 1

What have we found?

New skill 2

Oh, just a blender, wedding china and heavy granite placemats, lovely…

New skill 3

Can anyone guess what i’ll be doing this week?

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Can you guess what I have been doing for the last two weeks? Admittedly the title gives it away somewhat. 

The Friday before last, I sat down with a children’s ‘how to’ book of crochet, intending to watch the last episode of ‘The Prisoner*’ and fulfill my New Year’s resolution of learning how to crochet. Just as I was about to start there was a knock at the door and one of our friends had come over for an unannounced visit (I love it when that happens). When she mentioned that she had to finish off a crochet blanket for a friend’s new baby, she probably wasn’t expecting me so squeak so excitedly – half an hour of (very) patient tuition later and I could crochet! The gods of crochet were obviously smiling on me. 

So, after a little practise I set about crocheting a border onto the Christmas blanket for Bean’s doll’s cot.

Crochet 1  Crochet 2

Okay, so it’s not a neat as it could be…it’s a bit wiggly in places (and *very* wiggly in others) but I’m so proud of myself! I’m proud not just because I’ve fulfilled my New Year’s resolution (never mind that it’s now October) but because whereas I normally flit from project to project for ages before finishing any of them, I really concentrated on this one and finished it before starting anything else, I’m not entirely sure how I managed this, given how busy my brain is at the minute (is anyone else thinking Christmas crafting yet?).

As a result, I now LOVE crochet! Okay, so I only know a few (okay, one) stitch(es) but that just means that there are more to learn. It’s so portable and because I can stop at any point in the crochet, I can pick it up for 5 minutes when the Bean is napping, rather than having to rush to finish a row of knitting if the Bean wakes early!

So, I wouldn’t have thought it but I may be a convert – more practise is needed and it’ll never replace knitting in terms of being able to sit on the sofa and relax and knit in front of a film without looking at my needles  but I’m liking the possibilities.  

Well, so now I can crochet (did you hear? I can crochet!) I can share with you one of my favourite craft blogs. I stumbled across this blog back in Feb while looking at someones blogroll – the name caught my eye with my New Year’s resolution in mind and I thought I’d check it out… I’m so glad I did. It’s ‘One Hook Wonder’ and is written by Nicole. It’s basically a tale of crochet, crafting (and more recently Montessori) and essentially the story of a family having fun. Not the kind of fun you admire and think ‘if only’ but the kind of proper, special family fun that anyone can share in. I don’t know if it’s the variety of activities, the super cute family or the laugh out loud humour of Nicole’s writing that makes me love it so much but it’s really inspiring and I hope you enjoy it too…well, that would be if I could add a link to this blinking post. You’ll have to look on the blogroll on the right.   

Anyhoo…the Bean turns one next week…where did all that wonderful time go?

Ride em!

*The last episode of ‘The Prisoner’ made even less sense than any of the other episodes (and they made NO sense at all…)

Be seein’ you.

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…states that when you try and take a picture of the Bean’s reflection as she peers into the washing machine, she will suddenly find the camera strap far more interesting!

Bean 8.10.09

Good news on the felt-food-front! The felt cookie dough I made for T and P was very well received and played with immediately – hurrah! : )

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