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I spent this weekend in Sunny Windsor, at a hen party for my future sister in law – it was brilliant fun and the long journey left lots of time for crafting. I had planned for a while to make a rainbow blanket for the Bean, however I decided to make a small version first and i’m so glad I did as the colours don’t go together as well as I had hoped. It’ll look lovely on a Christmas toy cot though! I’m intending to add a crochet border (one I’ve learned how, that is!)

WIP 1  WIP 2

I’d not been to Windsor before but it’s beautiful!

Windsor CastleSwans CastleCrooked HouseWindsor

  As much fun as Windsor was, I was very glad to get home to the Bean. 

Where’s the Bean…?  There she is!

Peek-a  Boo! 

Hope you all had great weekends too!


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The Bean and I spent part of Saturday at my Mum and Dad’s house, which meant that while the Bean was playing with blocks (more destructing than creating it has to be said)…


I attacked a pile of sheets with elastic bands (as you do)…

Sheets 2 

…to make some lovely tie-dye goodness!

 TD 1

Not sure what i’m going to do with these (there were just a ‘few’ more), i’m thinking either quilt backs or made into tote bags for Christmas.

Last week I finished up a little craft project for T and P, it’s felt cookie dough for their play kitchen (like I need to explain…)

Molly 20th September 2009 023 Molly 20th September 2009 024

Molly 20th September 2009 025 Molly 20th September 2009 026

Admittedly not the most complicated thing I have even made but probably hopefully still fun if you are 2 and 4. Perhaps I won’t give them the big wooden rolling pin though.

Just because

And a picture of the Bean, just because.

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Busy weekend…

Well, I tried to post yesterday but for some reason the gods of the internet decided it was not to be and refused to work…luckily the highly technical solution of turning the computer off and leaving it for a bit seemed to work.

This weekend I had lots of jobs to do, nothing major but the kind of jobs that sit there and look at you reproachfully until you get around to doing them. Tim wasn’t feeling well so I had a little helper. I love that Bean has reached an age where she can actually help, well, not hinder, not totally prevent me from getting things done! Mostly I love that she can find joy in the little things…like washing…

Washing  Washing 2

…tidying…(although I can’t think who made the mess with the pegs in the first place)…

Tidying  Pegs

…and helping me get her old pushchair ready for storage…(in a somewhat menacing way it has to be said!)…


So what could have been a somewhat boring list of jobs turned into an afternoon of fun, giggles, tickles and hugs.

I’m still finding pegs everywhere though.

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I’m back! Hurrah!

Hello – it’s me again! Apologies for the blogging holiday but the last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy, on top of which I have been spending far too much of my evenings tending to my ‘Farmville’ farm on Facebook…an entirely pointless  a strangely addictive pursuit, (which I have thankfully now got under control). As a result not much crafting has been going on, so I shall have to get crafting properly this week!

Since my sister’s visit and after spending a whole week with T and P, the Bean has expanded her vocabulary, from “mummumumumumum” and “dadaadadadadadada” to include most of the sounds and has learnt how to emphasise words as well. She seems to honestly believe that she is making perfect sense. She is not. 

Not content just expanding her baby babbling , the Bean has, for most of the week, been practising her ‘shouty voice’. Just in time for our friend’s wedding on Saturday…an unfortunate combination. The wedding was amazing – so much thought had been put into the day and it’s always great to see how many people love the people you love. I was super pleased as well as the bride had asked me to help make some of the place names and to help put together an album of all the wedding preparations and it was lovely to walk into a room and see some of the things you have helped make, (plus it’s always nice to be asked to help!)

 Wedding outfit 12.9.09 

The Bean (about to eat some grass) in her wedding outfit.

Over the bank holiday weekend, Uncle Henry, a wine buyer came to call…bringing with him the largest bottle of wine known to man or Bean…*


*Sorry for the blurry pic, I was rushing to move the Bean before she got any ideas…

We also visited an Abbey…

Buckfast Abbey 31.8.09 019 Buckfast Abbey 31.8.09 011

and met a contender for the new Dr Who monster…

Buckfast Abbey 31.8.09 031 *shivers*

 We have also been for walks with Granny and the object of the Bean’s affections…

Woods Dillon

So that’s us…There has been a tiny bit of crafting going on which I shall post pictures of later in the week, however, if you’ll excuse me, i’m off to harvest my crops… :)

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